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Putting together the community, business and non commercial organizations on areas of shared common interests, opens opportunities for services that benefit all parts of the equation.

Again, the major recipients of those benefits are small organizations that struggle to keep the pace of the latest technological innovations that eventually determine the performance of the commercial activities. And non commercial as well. donotdrive intends to become a catalyst that will help small business to enjoy the benefits of advanced tools to better run their businesses and compete in better conditions with larger and sophisticated organizations.

Digital outsourcing and Web page design

d onotdrive uses the Internet to deploy new and exciting services. We do that by owning advanced skills that allow o deploy those service in a timely, effective and secure ways. Donotdrive keeps up to date with latest tools in a very dynamic environment which is additionally affected by highly skilled wrongdoers that use the internet to bring mess and discomfort.

This platform is to be shared by every single member of the community and donotdrive provides the tools and means for everybody to launch their own personalized platforms.

Web presence is a typical example that is available via donotdrive services. Sometimes businesses create web presence, but the domain remains unknown to the targeted audience.

donotdrive tackle this issue twofold, by providing the tools to design, enrich and support the web presence and by using the Community Portal and a common place residents will use to jump to everybody’s web side.

There is an additional reason that donotdrive benefits from every business having their own web side. It is practically impossible to put detailed information in a Portal about all listed entities. During the search process basic information is printed out on the screen, business name, phone numbers, emails, brief description, working hours. But a link to the entity web site will enrich the ability of the end customer to learn about the subject, and further investigate before making a purchase decision, or just choosing the right tutor for their child.

donotdrive must be seen as the Information Technology (IT) department to small businesses, that is why we talk about outsourcing. When it comes to outsourcing large companies and organizations are benefiting from this concept, which allow them to focus on their core responsibilities while sharing very expensive resource and skills to keep their operation at the highest standards.

IT means a valuable tool to carry out marketing and basic commercial activities as well. Now donotdrive helps to provide a level playing field for both small and large business organizations.

Reservation System

d ontodrive launched the Online Reservation Tool as an effort to, again, make easier the way resident enjoy community services.

During busy days it is hard to spend long minutes on the phone to guarantee an accommodation in a restaurant. Multiple calls, on hold wasted time and other nuances make the process a nightmare.

T he Reservation System allows to have a central focal point where resident can visit and explore available spaces, even in none busy days, and have a piece of mind about the incoming dinner or celebration.

On the side of the restaurants, the most likely recipient of the system, they lack an online tool to provide this service to their customers. Online reservation has the advantage to not have a person on the phone taking calls and putting the information into the system be it electronic or paper based. Additionally the reservation can be performed at any time, which benefits both the business and the customer.

Other Business will benefit from the reservation tool, such as Beauty Salons, Doctors and others.


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