Marketing & Advertisement

T he Community Portal attracts a wide group of customers, likely the majority of community residents.

It poses an extraordinary opportunity to announce a product or service on donotdrive space.

donotdrive will carefully revise all requests to provide high quality of advertisement content.

In another modality, advertisement may be posted by third parties to benefit customers from services out of the community scope.

Marketing: Community fliers, online, emails

B usiness and other entities produce a large amount of marketing information disseminated in various ways.

Since the Community Portal brings a central point of confluence to the residents, donotdrive makes easy to first replicate most of generated marketing information in the Portal in a central repository or linked to the entity entry. Second, additional tools may be used to inform end customers on campaigns, discounts, new services, commercial or social announcements.

The Community Portal is an excellent vehicle to carry out information to a broad audience.

Coupons and Discounts

B usinesses keep generating coupons and launching discount campaigns to lure customers.

Access to coupons is provided via mail, emails, in site and lately using internet.

The fact of having a Community Portal bringing together the community creates the perfect scenario to benefit both the business and the end costumer. The resident, while accessing and searching in the portal, will have access to latest updates on coupons and discounts. Just in the moment of paying for the service, without concerning about losing a piece of paper or having the wrong one in the purse.

An additional benefit is the fact you can perform a multiple purchase online and combining discounts for different products, therefore saving on every step of the shopping process.

The Community Portal is an excellent vehicle to put together current coupons and advertise ongoing discount and sales campaigns.

News on Cloud Services

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