The Delivery Service

Delivery is the soul of donotdrive. You stay home and we will bring it to you, just without moving away from your home’s warmth.

Service wise, delivery relies on a delivery force available on call, 24 hours of the day, and seven days of the week.

Delivery is attached to the Online Mall as the shipment method. Price depends on the nature of the merchandise.

Timing depends on the availability of the product or service, but it will immediate upon its availability.

Payment in most cases is done on the web.

Aside of being part of the product purchase, delivery may be order as a service, by asking not only the delivery address, but the pickup address and the merchandise.

One example would be ordering to deliver of clothes from the laundry.

In another modality, the end price of the product must be unknown at the time the ordering occurs, so an estimate will be provided and the final price will be adjusted in the moment of delivery. This situation will apply when ordering a single item or items from different vendors.

News on Cloud Services

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