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donotdrive is the Community Online Portal. Where you know what you need in a timely manner about services and products and social life in general, on issues like education, art or government among others.

You can buy, you can order delivery, make a reservation, you look up. But you still need to opine and share your thoughts among all those involved sharing the same interests.

Nowadays the email is the only tool available to share and discuss important matters. Emails are too restricted by its confidentiality.

For instance, a common interest may arise while discussing how the local government is planning to distribute neighborhood boundaries for the High School. Such hot debates are better served if discussed in a broader audience in a timely manner, helping to coordinate efforts to achieve some clear objectives.

Or just share information about schools, the teachers, incidents happening in our children lives that can prove very useful to again, coordinate actions to help the school or to counteract some occasional wrongdoing. Is there such a tool?

Chatting about cultural events, sharing information about the quality of local service providers, pricing or quality issues with the Cable Company, new services in town, better sport trainees, looking for a local employee or job, sharing experience about the pet hospital or a dentist, raising a concern about the local authorities, informing about some law-breakings, local frauds and many, many other issues, are possible via the use of the Community Blog, a typical Internet Online Tool which allows for everyone to express and share his/her opinion.

The Blog/ Forum works in two ways, the blog itself which is based on posted by the administrator themes, which guide the discussion until the theme expires. The creation of themes relies on the Blog Administrator, but the subjects may and must be posted by the residents. Multiple subjects may be handled at the same time.

The forum is similar but the themes are permanent, and subjects may be raised by anyone at any time.

For instance, if the section is Education, anyone may raise a theme about some harassing in the school by bullies. All other participants may add comments to that subject creating sort of a thread per subject, easily tracked by everybody.

At any point you can search to lookup up both threads and post about some specific content. Like a sexual predator, and the result will show either the post, or the thread the post is linked to.

Both the Blog and the Forum are very useful tool to establish a live system to share our interests, keep better informed, and make wiser decision on important issues.


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