The Community Online Mall

E -commerce is a vital piece in today’s Internet. The volume of online sales keeps growing so and the assortment of products and services.

Nevertheless the fact to have an online shop is not a guarantee of success and most sites die in silence or are just kept as a sign on modernity which is still not a bad thing.

On the other site, affording online shopping is not an easy task, not because of the costs associated to the side itself, but to the skills required to design it, launch it and support it. That is why many business are left aside of the tide, though the use of multi store shops is growing, making it more accessible.

donotdrive addresses this issue by providing an Online Shop we call the Online Mall.

It is a mall offering products from many vendors and stores in the community, for products addressed to the community. Why this distinction? You will discover soon.

Technically the customer visits the Mall and can purchase all items submitted by multiple vendors. A single cart is created and paid during the checkout process in a single step.

P roduct listing shows item description, price and the vendor, that is why it quite likely that same product might be offered by more than one store. Prices and inventory is handled by each store.

Though payments are centralized, after the transaction is completed funds are transferred to the original store’s account who is responsible for the products they sell.

The Mall allows filtering one store at the time, so that when selected, only products coming from that store will be listed online. It brings the store down to two methods, all products listed or only products of the selected store. Switching from the Central Mall to one store or to the next does not change the status of the shopping cart.

From the administration point of view, the Mall allows management of only those products added to the Mall by each store.

Now, the Online Mall has some specifics. Since it is aimed at the community based on the concept of Do Not Drive, is rests on local delivery as the liaison between local resident, the buyer, and the vendor. Local delivery is a concept not widely available for major shippers. We provide it and as immediate as possible.

The mall still does not exclude the possibility of remote customers. This transaction should of course rely on a major shipper to carry the merchandise even to international destination.

The whole point is that the Online Mall is focused on the Community. For those stores looking forward to selling to a broader market, they have two choices, use the Mall as explained or setup a separate Online Store which can be done as part of additional services provided by donotdrive.

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