Other Community profiles

Other Community Profiles


S ince government is a major component of our community life, we will provide a central point of contact to gather access to governmental organizations and services. But donotdrive does not intend to be a replacement to government online services. In most cases links will be the central piece of this section, plus advices and orientations related to the subject.

The Blog & Forum Center can prove an important piece to put together our voice on issued related to local government.


d onotdrive recognizes the important role education plays in our homes and community life, aside from higher education centers.

This section is a point of reference via links and online visual information. Additionally we cover access to education organizations via Directory Services, covering public, private schools and other private education services such as tutoring and summer programs.

Libraries, Performing Arts and Sport are considered part of the education process and indeed included in this important section.

The Blog & Forum Center can prove an important piece to put together our voice on issued related to Education.


T his section gives access to most relevant newspapers in the area so as major national media networks. In multiethnic communities related international sources may be added.

Additionally this page provides a nonstop flow of information from several sources on diverse subjects such as sport, health, business and others. This information is either text of video based, to enrich the content available to the reader.




L ifestyle provides informational so as directory services.

Business or Public Institutions on subjects like Gaming, Theaters, Parks, Music and Dance may be listed in this section.

Similar to the News Section, a constant flow of up-to-date information is provided about local events so as news about the entertainment world. On this page you may access listing of next events in graphical map that despite covering the whole country allows you to focus on your region.

Links are provided on the area of Art and Culture, focusing on the community.

This is supposed to be a very dynamic section with cool stuffs available periodically.

The Blog & Forum Center can prove an important piece to put together our voice on issued related local events and cultural life.


Religion Section provides as well both informational and directory services.

At the reach on one click you can list local organizations related to religion and believes, including churches, cultural and education centers.

Links to major sources about religion are provided in this page.

A constant up-to-date flow of information and news keeps this pages alive using both text and video media.

The Blog & Forum Center can prove an important piece to put together our voice on issued related to Religion and Believes.


W eather is a daily concern in our lives that is why this subject is covered by home instruments and gadgets so as by every source of media and information including Internet. donotdrive intends to put together links to major source of weather information and different online tools that will certainly provide very detailed weather updates about our community, including major and distant events such as tropical storms that may affect specific areas.



T he business profiles on each community are different. Many of them are not focused on the community, and others have specifics not quite adequate for donotdrive’s service model.

For the sake of the completeness donotdrive strives to have the whole scope of organizations based out of the community.

Those are listed in the “Other section”.

There are then others that do not fit quite well into a two layer classification system but still may prove useful within the context of the Community Mall.

Those are listed in the “Other Section” as well.

On the other hand, there are local organizations which employee large number of people in offices, which may well benefit of the services provided by donotdrive, since the spend one third on the day within the community boundaries.

This section uses the directory method to provide information. Other relevant information is printed out to complement its attractiveness.

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