The Directory Service

The central place at donotdrive is the Directory Service, your Town Center Online, kind of Yellow Pages covering only closest businesses, those you drive to from home to pick up something on the fly. Not the major shop you can make when looking for plasma TV or a dinner table.

The Directory Service is designed in two layer vertical structure, so you can reach the last piece of information in only two steps. From there you can access additional information pertinent to the business, so as services provided directly via donotdrive such as delivery and reservations.

Many businesses offer a wide sort of products and/or services, so they will be located in multiple braches of the tree. For instance, a major grocery store may offer groceries, bakery, alcoholic beverages, medicines and cooked meals. So and they will listed on each category.

Then there is another horizontal level for sections such as Religion, Education, Government, Lifestyle, News, weather and others, which cover those subjects in informational and/or directory ways. For instance, Schools may be search for in the Education section, so as Art Organizations in the Lifestyle one.

Maybe there is not a better way to describe the Directory Service as your Community Portal.



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