Why donotdrive


From the warmth of your home, we give you access to businesses in your neighbourhood, especially to those more related to every day domestic life.

When you want to order a pizza or any food for dinner, is there a single place where you can see all ongoing offers and/or coupons?

So that you can compare and wisely decide or even combine a delivery from Subway and Dominos Pizza plus a bottle of wine?

Is every single food provider in the vicinity able to provide home delivery?

Have you ever run out of happy beverages in the midst of a celebration and hesitated to send a designated driver to get a couple of bottles back home?

What if one car is in the Auto Shop and you need your laundry at home?

Or maybe you need a medicine and want it without driving a car and leaving your son or daughter alone.

Y ou are making some improvements in your garage and all of the sudden discovered you a missing a tool or just few screws.

Maybe you just remembered about a missing ingredient while cooking or in the middle of a home haircut.

Information is both money and pleasure and we try to help with that by putting together all you can reach in your radius that we define as your zip code, and from there barely stretch to one or two zip codes away.

Why to drive your car in any of the above mentioned or similar cases?

We offer an alternative, do not drive, we will get it for you, right into the warmth of your home.

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