Two sides

Two sides of the equation

  The one left side is the home resident, the student, the mother, the father, or the grandparents. Accessing the information is free and without restriction, but gaining access to most of its services requires registration and validation due to the financial and civil responsibilities acquired in the process of being served. This is the individual that headed home from job, pleasure or studies must stop by some store to get some product, or leave home probably driving a car to buy a bottle of milk, dinner or a bottle of wine to celebrate the visit of an old friend.

Internet omnipresence is quite high nowadays, and almost as easy to access as dialling a number or clicking your emergency home pad. Now donotdrive will turn the PC screen into a basic component of your domestic daily activities by putting on it basic services provided in your community.


Last but not least, donotdrive will not only show a single list of businesses, but give you the ability to gain combined access to more than one in a single step.

The second right side of the equation is the business. Sometimes it is major grocery store or retailer, part of major organizations with a complex structure and sophisticate means to serve their customers. Most time they comprise of small businesses, single owner operations not capable to provide sophisticate services which rely on the ubiquity of the Internet, or even standard services such as delivery.

First, donotdrive will give those small businesses a common platform to carry out those services. Our expertise and platform will be shared in very basic steps via the online Community entity. Online presence will available as independent sites or as part of the central booth, in both cases distanced few clicks away from the center of the Community Portal. Second, the Online Mall is a special Shopping Center to share products from all stores, no matter their sizes. In the top of that donotdrive will provide as much as possible regular products that may not be part of the Online Mall. Third, our expertise can be leveraged on the support of the online business operation and web presence for small Business Operations. For the sake of the example, donotdrive may outsource injecting and organizing commercial information into the Mall database, which quite often requires specific skills.

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