About donotdrive

donotdrive explores a new model in the world of online services. Its aim is the vicinity, the neighborhood, the residential market served by businesses offering services focused in those geographical areas. It is not attempt to compete with big online or physical retailers, which tend to cover large sometime worldwide markets online.

One side of the equation is the family, sharing its time between job and home, between friends, pleasure, domestic activities and time to get products and services common and closed to the home, most of which are repeated day after day in a very routine fashion.

The other side of the equation is the service provider, from major chains to small business operations part or not of franchises. Major groceries and convenience store are part of major organization able to afford online presence and additional services such as delivery. But the small restaurant, laundry or beauty salons are limited by financial and/or human resources to deliver the message to broader audience in a timely manner.

donotdrive sees a major incentive to benefit both side of the equation. In the one side, first, by providing the family a centralized view of all community services, second by allowing bringing those products directly to your home, and third by providing an up-to-date overview of the latest marketing and sales efforts to offer discount, coupons , sales, and clearance events. In the other side business owners or operators are given a unique scenario to reach their audience, the community and secondly they get the ability to serve this market by using state-of-the-art technologies.

Being served or gathering information to make a better decision require an important step most of the time in most communities, to drive your car. We intend to offer an alternative, do not drive, we will get it for you. To the Business Owners we say, do not settle for those driving to your place, have them server without driving a car, right at the warmth of their homes.


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